Christoph Egger writes:

>  Is anyone here already hacking the file-target?

No, I'm pretty sure no one is working on it.

>  If not, I want to hack it to add support reading some file-formats
>  (i.e. bmp, tga, pcx).

Go ahead, it would be good.

Semantics wise, you should load the file at init time, & determine the
properties (width, height, depth).  Then make the CheckMode primitive
set any GGI_AUTO values to the same as the file, and make the SetMode
refuse any mode that doesn't match the file (unless you want to
support scaling/depth conversion... :->).

Make all write primitives (putpixel, drawline, etc) fail, and only
support the read primitives (you will only need GetPixel_NC to get an
initial prototype working).

Hope that helps.

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