I have successfully gotten GGI working with 2 matrox G200's in the same 
machine(yea!), using the 2.2.14 kernel matrox fbdev code.  running programs 
on either monitor works well.  (except quake-ggi on /dev/fb1 for some reason 
seems to flicker, where as /dev/fb0 (another card of the identical model) 
does not).  I can run tile with a "tile:0,0,640,480,(fbdev:/dev/fb0)" just 
fine, and "tile:0,0,640,480,(fbdev:/dev/fb1)" just fine as well.  But when i 
run "tile:0,0,640,480,(fbdev:/dev/fb0):640,0,640,480,(fbdev:/dev/fb1)" 
across bolth monitors, things run perfectly fine, untill i quit, when the 
keyboard screws up...  I originally thought it totally locked, but i found 
by pounding on all the keys, i can occasionally get some kind of semi-random 

This happens over and over again.

Of interest, by doing "tile:0,0,640,480,(fbdev:/dev/fb1)", the flicker from 
quake-ggi goes away.  go figure...

Any ideas how to stop the keyboard code from going into that strange mode?  
(without staying in quake forever :)


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