Hi Simon,

Sorry for the broken build again. Since your last email I do run a nightly 
build, but you were about an hour and a half before today’s build!

Anyway, I believe the offending commit is 
8c6a3d68c0301bb985aa2a462936bbcf7584ae9c ,
This unconditionally adds GHC.Event which then includes that TimerManager which 
is defined for POSIX only. 

Reverting that should get you building again. 


From: Simon Peyton Jones via ghc-devs
Sent: Friday, October 14, 2016 22:38
To: ghc-devs@haskell.org
Subject: Aargh! Windows build is broken AGAIN

I really wish I did not have to be the Windows integration server.
Currently, from a clean build of HEAD, I’m getting
libraries\base\GHC\Event\TimerManager.hs:62:3: error:
     error: #error not implemented for this operating system
     # error not implemented for this operating system
I’d revert something if I could, but I can’t see what to revert.  Help, please!

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