Reid Barton <> writes:

> is responsible. It adds
> CONF_LD_LINKER_OPTS_STAGE0 to $1_$2_$3_ALL_LD_OPTS, which is
> documented as "Options for passing to plain ld", which is okay. But
> just below that the same variable $1_$2_$3_ALL_LD_OPTS is added (with
> -optl prefixes attached) to $1_$2_$3_GHC_LD_OPTS ("Options for passing
> to GHC when we use it for linking"), which is wrong because GHC uses
> gcc to do the link, not ld.
Great catch Reid and thanks for the report Adam! I have setup an OpenBSD
VM and have reproduced the issue.

Following Reid's logic I have proposed D2776 as a fix.


- Ben

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