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From: Phyx []
Sent: 01 December 2016 15:49
To: Simon Peyton Jones <>;
Subject: Re: testsuite broken

Bah,  String handling in python is a complete mess.

In any case,  we dropped support for 2 so we can remove the u prefixes. It 
seems that the Unicode syntax in python 3 was dropped in python 3.0 and 
reintroduced on 3.3. We were all using 3.5 to test.

To get you going again quickly,  You can either revert the commit that made 
python 3 the default and use python 2, or open the python files and and do a global search and replace for u' and drop 
the u.

I will fix it properly later tonight.

On Thu, 1 Dec 2016, 15:27 Simon Peyton Jones via ghc-devs, 
<<>> wrote:
Yikes.  I can’t run the testsuite on Linux (debian ? I think…).  See below.
I installed python3 by saying
            apt-get install python3
And indeed

python3 --version

Python 3.2.3
This is bad.  Can anyone help?


PYTHON="python3" "python3" ../../driver/  -e 
ghc_compiler_always_flags="'-dcore-lint -dcmm-lint -no-user-package-db -rtsopts 
 -fno-warn-missed-specialisations -fshow-warning-groups -dno-debug-output'" -e 
config.compiler_debugged=True -e ghc_with_native_codegen=1 -e 
config.have_vanilla=True -e config.have_dynamic=True -e 
config.have_profiling=False -e ghc_with_threaded_rts=1 -e 
ghc_with_dynamic_rts=1 -e config.have_interp=False -e 
config.unregisterised=False -e config.ghc_dynamic_by_default=False -e 
config.ghc_dynamic=False -e ghc_with_smp=1 -e ghc_with_llvm=0 -e windows=False 
-e darwin=False -e config.in_tree_compiler=True --threads=33 -e 
config.cleanup=True -e config.local=False --rootdir=. 
--configfile=../../config/ghc -e 'config.confdir="../../config"' -e 
'config.platform="x86_64-unknown-linux"' -e 'config.os="linux"' -e 
'config.arch="x86_64"' -e 'config.wordsize="64"' -e 'config.timeout=int() or 
config.timeout' -e 'config.exeext=""' -e 
'"/5playpen/simonpj/HEAD-4/testsuite"' --config 
'compiler="/5playpen/simonpj/HEAD-4/inplace/test   spaces/ghc-stage1"' --config 
'ghc_pkg="/5playpen/simonpj/HEAD-4/inplace/test   spaces/ghc-pkg"' --config 
'haddock="/5playpen/simonpj/HEAD-4/inplace/test   spaces/haddock"' --config 
'hp2ps="/5playpen/simonpj/HEAD-4/inplace/test   spaces/hp2ps"' --config 
'hpc="/5playpen/simonpj/HEAD-4/inplace/test   spaces/hpc"' --config 'gs="gs"' 
--config 'timeout_prog="../../timeout/install-inplace/bin/timeout"' -e 
"config.stage=1" --summary-file "../../../testsuite_summary_stage1.txt" 
--no-print-summary 1  \






              -e config.speed="2" \

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "../../driver/", line 210, in <module>

    from testlib import *

  File "/home/simonpj/code/HEAD-4/testsuite/driver/", line 1286

    f.write(u':set prog ' + name + u'\n')


SyntaxError: invalid syntax
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