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I think, if an interface is required, it should export a DOM not the
AST. ASTs are parser specific and hard to read. I don't know the AST of
GHDL, but I had to use other ASTs which needed a lot of work to
read/parse them.

The lately announced pyVHDLParser has a VHDL DOM (Document Object
Model). This model is fixed for VHDL-2008 and does not depend on the
parser. So other parsers could generate the same model. It's simple to
translate this model to Ada or C.

A DOM doesn't containt resolve names or types, it's a compact in-memory
representation of a single VHDL file. It comes with methods to find
information like GetObjectOfLabel("baz").

  o- entity
       o- name: "foo"
       o- libraries
            o- "ieee"
       o- uses
            o- "ieee.std_logic_1164.all"
            o- "ieee.numeric_std.all"
       o- ports
            o- port
                 o- name: "clk"
                 o- type: "std_logic"
  o- architecture
       o- name: "rtl"
       o- entity: "foo"
       o- libraries
       o- uses
       o- declared-items
            o- constant
                 o- name: "bar"
                 o- type: "integer"
                 o- init-value: 5

This could also be exported as XML, JSON, ...

My model for pyVHDLParser is still in development, but one can look into
the code and get an impression of a DOM:
Sorry I have no picture available, but running the Frontend.py with
simple_1.vhdl in mode 32 would present a first translation into the
mentioned DOM :).

Such a DOM could already be useful for many applications, but most of
the emails here demand for a complete design model ...

It should also be possible to generate a resolved model. So multiple
files are combined, symbols are resolved, constants are propagated and
e.g. unused generate statements are removed. I hope I can show results
for that design model in a few weeks :).

@Tristan: Has GHDL such a DOM? How complex is it to translate the
internal structure to such a DOM?

If you look at disp_vhdl, this module is able to reprint vhdl sources from the AST. So generating the above DOM shouldn't be very difficult.


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