On 15/10/16 11:07, Patrick Lehmann wrote:
Hello Tristan,

I have seen many bad structured XML formats in my life, but GHDL's
output looks VERY GOOD! Especially that you use XML attributes and ids.

It is written by hand and not very complex.
Nodes have id, lists have list-id. This is not very regular, so maybe all XML elements must have id (I will certainly use nXX for nodes and lXX for lists in that case).

Two notes:
You are almost using long readable names except for el and we. Can give
the long name?

el stands for element of a list or of a chain. That's not very interesting so I plan to keep it.

we ? No, it doesn't exist. There is we_value which stands for waveform_element_value. This comes directly from iirs.ads, so no plan to change it immediately.

The output needs a root element like design_file and a version number
for the AST version.

That was only an excerpt.  The start of the file is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
  <el id="11" kind="library_declaration" file="*implicit*" line="1" col="1"
   identifier="std" date="12"

Adding a version to root is a good idea.


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