On 27/10/16 01:47, Jon Taylor wrote:
Hi all,

I am attempting to build GHDL with the gcc backend.  I get through
everything up to 'make ghdllib' with no problems, and then see this

make[1]: Leaving directory '/root/ghdl'
gnatmake -c -aI./src/grt -gnatec./src/grt/grt.adc -gnat05 -gnatdY \
  ghdl_main  -cargs -g
gnatmake: objects up to date.
sed -e '/^P /s/P /P NR /' < ghdl_main.ali > ghdl_main-tmp.ali
mv ghdl_main-tmp.ali ghdl_main.ali
gnatbind -Lgrt_ -o run-bind.adb -n ghdl_main.ali
gcc -c -g -gnatec./src/grt/grt.adc -gnat05 -gnatdY -o run-bind.o run-bind.adb
gcc: error: run-bind.adb: Ada compiler not installed on this system
src/grt/Makefile.inc:119: recipe for target 'run-bind.o' failed
make: *** [run-bind.o] Error 1

Any ideas?

The usual workaround is to use: make ADAC=gnatgcc

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