With the last git version of GHDL, there is a new --write-opt-file option that will create a wave option file with all the signals of the design.

Please note that there is a backward incompatible change as the --wave-opt-file option is renamed to --read-opt-file for consistency !

Now you can do :

ghdl -r <design> --write-opt-file=trace.txt --wave=wave/toto.ghw

In order to write the path of all the signals of the design in the file trace.txt.

Then you can edit this file and remove unneeded signals, then read it with the following command :

ghdl -r <design> --read-opt-file=trace.txt --wave=wave/toto.ghw

Currently there is a known issue with for generates as it is impossible to select the instantiation of a particular index, but it is planned to be fixed.


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