user 1138-4EB currently creates a reworked, restructured and extended version 
of GHDL’s documentation.

He added a section: “Who uses GHDL?”


Here is an early preview:


He created Shields (https://www.shields.io) to the project hub/repository and 
to the main documentation. A project name and

a brief description is also presented per project.


Are there any other users using GHDL?




Another upcoming feature is that we want to ease regression testing with GHDL. 
PoC and VUnit already use locally GHDL builds

on Travis-CI to test their VHDL code. User 1138-4EB also created a set of 
Docker containers, which work on Travis-CI. So using

GHDL on Travis will be easier in the future.



I’m working on building GHDL with GCC backend on AppVeyor (free Windows build 
system),Travis-CI is planned for the future,

to provide GHDL with GCC backend for Windows (MinGW32/MinGW64). This will 
further allow code coverage collection on

AppVeyor and Travis-CI.


Has anyone experience with the Coveralls API to report user defined coverage 
data from Travis to Coveralls?



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