This is a development release in the 4.1 branch.  This release offers
relatively few new features; it mostly continues and fixes up the
architectural cleanup of 4.1.3.  Nonetheless, there are some important
changes and quality improvements, and I suggest that all 4.1.3 (and
earlier 4.1) users take this release.

The Gimp Print plugin requires the Gimp 1.2.

Gimp-Print 4.1.4 contains the following fixes and improvements over 4.1.3:

1) Major improvements to the Debian packaging.  It is compliant with
   Standards-Version 3.1.1, and is lintian-clean.  It should build
   from source on potato, woody and sid.  Please see the README for
   more information.

2) First cut at internationalization.  Please see the README for more

3) The Ghostscript driver should now compile on all systems.

4) Added support for Epson 83 printer (appears to be more or less a
   clone of the 880), Stylus Photo 1280, and Stylus Photo 480/580.
   Note: it is still not possible to change ink cartridge on the
   480/580 with this driver.

5) Initial support for the Compaq IJ750 (aka Lexmark 3200) and Lexmark

6) Initial support for Canon BJC6500, S400, S450, S800, and S4500.

7) Some improvements in quality for the Epson Stylus Color 900/980.

8) Fix for Set Image Scale in GUI when image scaling was previously in
   percent mode.

9) Other minor UI improvements.

10) Print correctly in grayscale mode when the source resolution is
   better than the output resolution.  This bug manifested itself as
   printing an image squashed, usually with the other 2/3 of it black.

11) Some improvements in the Lexmark driver.

12) Fix for print width of Epson Stylus Photo 2000P (it can print to
   13" wide).

13) Tune page length for a number of Epson printers (should eliminate
   problem of printing off the end of the page).

14) New 180x120 and 360x120 DPI modes for Epson printers that cannot
   print 180x180 DPI.  These modes are for very quick and dirty
   economy printing; they will not print solid black even on plain

15) New gimpprint-config script (with man page) to ease linking
   against libgimpprint.

16) Significant print quality improvements for many variable dot size

17) Cleaned up some black speckling problems.

18) New --disable-libgimpprint option to configure inhibits building
   of libgimpprint.  This can be used to build just the programs (GIMP
   plugin and/or CUPS driver) against an installed copy of
   libgimpprint (if the installed copy is current).
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