today this showed up in CVS:

2001-02-20  Simon Budig  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
        * app/gdisplay.[ch]
        * app/disp_callbacks.c
        * app/interface.c: Added preliminary support for Preview icons.

        This is not finished: We need a better way to get previews with
        a specific depth and probably a rendered Checkerboard for the
        alpha channel. Also the update function is now bound to a click
        in the top left menu-button and should go in some idle-stuff.
        Please test this on various window managers and give some
        feedback. The last point is the aspect ratio of the generated

This is IMHO the most superfluous feature that has ever been thought
of and overall a pretty bad idea. You don't want every single brush
stroke to propagate a notification about an icon change to the window
manager. Also it seems undesirable to create new gc and preview for this
all the time. The necessary task switches and the overhead caused in the 
X-Server and windowmanager is IMHO not worth the advantage you might get
from those icons. I strongly doubt that the icons will be helpful at all
since their size is so tiny on almost all window managers. Using 
slightly different but static icons for different kinds of gimp windows
might prove to be helpful.

Salut, Sven
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