This is gimp-print version 4.1.5, a development release on the 4.1 line.

This software includes the Print plug-in for the Gimp, and GhostScript
and CUPS drivers.  The support for printers in GhostScript and CUPS is
identical to the support for these printers in the Print plugin --
they use the identical code base.  Please read src/ghost/README and
src/cups/README for more information on this.

The Gimp Print plugin requires the Gimp 1.2.

Gimp-Print 4.1.5 contains the following fixes and improvements over 4.1.4:

1) The old (Gimp 1.0 and early 1.1-compatible) print plugin UI is
   deprecated.  No further improvements will be made nor bugs fixed in
   this interface.  It will be removed within the next few releases.
   Please upgrade to Gimp 1.2.

2) A "bar-code" effect on certain HP printers (all printing looks like
   something vaguely resembling a bar code) is now fixed.

3) A major print quality problem slipped into many new Epson printers
   in 4.1.4, resulting in pale (and in some cases distorted) output in
   many printing resolutions.  That is fixed.

4) The maximum paper dimensions for many Epson printers (particularly
   older ones) is fixed.  In particular, all printers can now print
   44" long or better, the Stylus Color Pro, Pro XL, 400, and 500 can
   now print 13" wide, and the Stylus Photo EX can print A3-sized

5) Clean up the Debian packaging a bit more.  In particular, the
   Debian installation files are included in the release.

6) Bug fixes for the Epson 480/580.

7) Fix printing dimensions for Epon 780/790, 890, and 1280/1290 to
   allow printing to all edges.

8) Significant quality improvements for Epson printers printing to
   plain paper.  The noticeable effects should be more solid blacks
   and colors.  There may be a bit more ink bleed, but it should not
   be wildly excessive.

   Users of 6-color (Stylus Photo) printers may find that using Four
   Color Standard ink gives better results on plain paper.  There will
   be less ink bleed and more consistent grays, at the expense of
   smoothness of pale tones.

9) A significant rewrite of some of the internals, while having no
   effect on the behavior of the package, will ultimately permit a
   much more stable binary interface.  Currently, this is in an
   interim state.

The following problem with 4.1.5 is known to exist: printing in at
least some modes on the Canon BJC-8200 is incorrect.

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