A couple days ago I went browsing thru the gimp TODO for things, well, to do.

I came across the crop tool idea (the one that mentions blending/filling
with colors etc.) and decided "hey, that wouldn't be too hard." 

Well, so far I've been right, I've got the GUI stuff done for the crop
dialog and I have it sorted now where I just need to add
crop_image_by_color and crop_image_by_blending along with the regular
delete and resize method.

Here is what I have done so far:

(The current menu I use for the tool dialog is) in some function
 menu = gimp_option_menu_new2(FALSE,
        (GtkSignalFunc)menu_callback, (gpointer) options, (gpointer)
        _("Delete"), (gpointer) CROP_DELETE, NULL,
        _("Fill White"), (gpointer) CROP_FILLWHITE, NULL,
               _("Fill Black"), (gpointer) CROP_FILLBLACK, NULL,
        _("Fill Using Selected Color"), (gpointer) CROP_FILLUSER, NULL,
        _("Shade"), (gpointer) CROP_SHADE, NULL,
        _("Blend Using Selected Color"), (gpointer) CROP_BLEND, NULL,

And that's what I'm going from, are there any suggestions on what I
should keep an eye open for, or any other modifications I should add
while I'm in the process (I figure I'll be done with this by friday)..Of
course I still want to clean up the crop code a little, but that's if
it's OK with you guys :)


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