I'm trying to code a simple plug-in that will be used by my company.  The 
purpose is to grab a photo from a database server and load it into gimp.  
When the photo needs to be saved, it should go back to the db, not the 
filesystem.  I am using the filesystem for temp storage of the photos for a 
few reasons (using MS SQL server, and no C lib to access from linux, so we're 
using a java photo server to retrieve from db).

Anyway, my question is, how do I write a script-fu extension in C and 
automate loading of a file.  I already have the plug-in executing and 
downloading the photo from the photo server, I just need to instruct gimp to 
load the file that was downloaded from the plug-in after it is downloaded.  
The plug-in assigns the file name, so I know where it is.

What is the PDB function call to automatically open a jpeg from within an 


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