David Kirkby <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I would like to create a bitmap (.BMP) with Gimp that can be read by a
> scientific application I have written. This application looks for
> specific colours such as red (0xff0000), black (0x000000), white
> (0xffffff) and green (0x0x00ff00). 
> I need to create an image that uses these colours and *only* these
> colours. However, when I draw a red circle using pure red, on a pure
> white background, the edges of the circle are pink, containing some red,
> and equal amounts of green and blue. 

You can avoid this by disabling antialiasing. I don't know how you are
drwaing your circle. If you use the EllipseSelect tool and fill the 
selection, disable antialiasing in the EllipseSelect tool options. If 
you are stroking the selection, use the Pencil to stroke. 

> Likewise if I create a small bitmap (say 5 x 5 pixels) and set these
> pixels to the values I want, expanding the image in Gimp creates pixels
> of intermediate colours. 

It does not do this if you change the Interpolation type to 
Nearest-Neighbor in the Preferences dialog. 

Salut, Sven
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