Tor Lillqvist wrote:

> The following names I couldn't find in the ChangeLogs, somebody else
> could grep through the mailint list archives. My apologies if I have
> missed someone obvious whom I should know by name.

        looks like mostly plugin folks, some of which may no longer
be distrubited with the app...

sources, old,, old gimp news,
plugin registry, my crufty old brain,

> Karl-Johan Andersson
   plugins Struc(canvasify), Glasstile, FlareFX
> John Beale
    plugins "warp", seems like other stuff as well
> Marc Bless
   "Author of the GIMP Programmers Guide. Soon to be updated for .99" 
according to the original
> Edward Blevins
    listed as author of at least checkerboard plugin
> Reagan Blundell
        sent some patches to me for mail.c at the very least, think he did some
> Xavier Bouchoux
   plugins Sinus,Keftale and Holes plugins
> Roberto Boyd
> Brent Burton
   Checkerboard plugin
> Francisco Bustamante
   plugins PCX, Stereogram, Colorify
> Albert Cahalan
   plugin hrz loader
> Sean Cier
   plugins depthmerge
> Ed Connel
   plugins Levels and Histogram
> Brian Degenhardt
     ported some .54 plugins according to federico's page
> Scott Draves
        flame and smooth pallette plugin
> Daniel Dunbar
       seem to recall he had a pile of tutorials and docs at one point 
and polar coordinates plugin
> Misha Dynin
       original url plugin
> Morton Eriksen
   plugin Apply Lens
> David Forsyth
> Jochen Friedrich
   plugins G3 fax plugin
> Jim Geuther
   ported a bunch of his ImageKnife plugins to GIMP
> Graeme Gill
   wrote pnmnlfilt, which was ported to the non linear filter plugin
> Heiko Goller
   maintained a list of patches, mostly for IRIX fixes
    it's even still up!
> Marcelo de Gomensoro Malheiros
    contributed a large portion of the default graidents included
    in gimp, see
   also, solid noise plugin
> Michael Hammel
     docs, resources, and I seem to recall various fixups and patches at 
> Jan HubiÄka
     aalib and one of the "math" plugins I belive
> Simon Janes
   wrote some docs according to federicos page
> Andrew Kieschnick
   plugins Difference Plasma and Charcoa
> Philipp Klaus
    "border average" plugin
> Karl La Rocca
        seems to have contributted textures and whatnot
> Laramie Leavitt
    ?? vaguely want to say alpha stuff
> Elliot Lee
        he was all over gnome and gtk for a while, did the initial check in of 
gimp into gnome cvs,
> Wing Tung Leung
> Ingo Lütkebohle
        plugin registry
> Ed Mackey
        gimp faq
> Ian Main
    gtk+ tutorual

> Torsten Martinsen
    plugins Noisify, Engrave, Oilify,Variable Blur
> Hirotsuna Mizuno
    plugins Illusiton, Paper Tile, Fractal Trace, gimp-mask
> Balazs Nagy
> Stephen Robert Norris
   plugins, displacement map, plasma, etc
> Tim Newsome
   aalib plugin, grid plugin
> Erik Nygren
   plugins pnm

> Thom van Os
   plugin selective gausian blur
> Mike Phillips
   some tutorials according to federicos page
> Jens Restemeier
   plugins Qbist, gfli, and User Filter
> Daniel Risacher
   gzip plugin
> James Robinson
   tutorials according to federicos page
> Tim Rowley
  plugin "tiler"
> Mike Schaeffer
    from federicos page: Mike Schaeffer has created some icons you can 
use for the GIMP and its windows. You can fetch them from  his homepage. 
He also has written a small utility that lets you preview the installed 
fonts in your X server.
> John Schlag
   listed as co-author of emboss
> Norbert Schmitz
   plugin iWarp
> Thorsten Schnier
   plugins sobel and laplace
> Tracy Scott
   plugins, pixelize, cubism, etc
> Aaron Sherman 
   various perl scripts/plugins
> Daniel Skarda
   plugins Motion Blur, GAG
> Mike Sweet
   plugins Print, Sharpen, Despeckle, irix fixes
> Michael Taylor
    plugins pix
> Ian Tester
   plugins threshold
> James Wang
> Kris Wehner
   plugins levels/histogram (.54)

> Nigel Wetten
   plugins, diff, wind, jigsaw

Adrian Likins

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