On 06/26/2011 09:22 AM, Jeremy Morton wrote:
> The thing is, if I go about it a different way and export another file
> to overwrite that file, I'm using the export function.  Each time I then
> press ctrl+E, I'm overwriting that file again and again, without even a
> prompt.  I don't see a meaningful difference between this workflow, and
> that of importing/editing/exporting.

Yes, it's going to take some getting used to. However, the HUGE benefit 
of the new Export functionality is that you will not have to repeatedly 
specify/confirm the settings of the file format you wish to save to.

In the old version hitting "Save" was very general-purpose. As a result 
you would have to confirm two or sometimes three (Are you sure you want 
to overwrite that file?) dialog windows to save a file.

For someone like a web developer/designer, especially working through 
iterations on one design project, the new approach is a big time-saver.

Now if only the Save for Web dialog would remember the destination 
folder from save to save....

Jason Simanek
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