2011/7/7 GiveLifeCS <gabr...@givelifecolorsystem.com>:
> Hi developers of GIMP
> my name is Gabriel Vano
> I created a NEW COLOR SYSTEM with 2265 new shades, the color palette is
> free for various design software including GIMP. MY QUESTION FOR THE
> Someone can help me to get in touch with the developers of GIMP to try
> out this new color system and to study the possibility of including it
> in GIMP by default?
> I have been in contact with you, precisely because I think than this new
> color system will be right for GIMP and of course for all users of GIMP
> this is a new tool for the Creative-Designer.
> My thanks in advance.


Could you elaborate a bit on how you have chosen the colors you have
chosen and how they are defined?

 / Martin


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