2011/8/13 P S <psweb...@gmail.com>:
> This is my first post in gimp-dev so forgive me if I happen to miss
> out context or interfere with current work in progress.
> It turns out dockables aren't disposed after a gimp_dock_dispose()
> call in the current master. gimp_dock_dispose() only removes dockbooks
> which will not be disposed if references are still held by attached
> dockables.
> The behavior is particularly notable on singleton dockables when
> closing a floating dock window:
> 1. Add a new tab Tool Options to main dock
> 2. Drag out or detach Tool Options tab to a floating dock window
> 3. Close the floating dock window
> 4. Try to re-insert Tool Options tab in main dock. Doesn't work - as
> floating dock's dockbook hasn't been disposed and Tool Options
> dockable is still attached to it

You don't happen to be running Ubuntu 11.04 are you? Their GTK+
installation seems to be broken. Try building GTK+ yourself,
preferably GTK+ 2.24.5 and see if the problem goes away.



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