On 08/23/11 14:22, Tobias Ehni wrote:
> Thanks for suggesting some names from the artist scene.
> That's very helpful for me and the entire project.
> 2011/8/23 Ramón Miranda<mirandagrap...@gmail.com>:
>> Thanks a lot for the offer cc5 inator. These icons are very well made. i
>> like them. And i like the idea of a serie of interviews with different
>> artists. I think this could be very interesting for averybody, coders,
>> designers etc. i would suggest some names because i can´t suggest mine (it
>> is not polite, but i am available too if it is required :) )
>> Guillermo Espertino. http://www.ohweb.com.ar/ some videos here.
>> http://www.youtube.com/user/gespertino
>> More known as gez.he is an Expert in color management and integrates blender
>> inkscape and gimp in his workflow.
>> JesusDA. http://www.jesusda.com/ he only uses freesoftware. he is web
>> designer and FLOSS consultant.he has made a lot of gimp tutorials and it is
>> a reference here in Spain.
>> David Revoy http://www.davidrevoy.com/blog.php freelance Artist from France.
>> Worked in Sintel open source movie and it is involved in lot of projects.
>> Mozart Couto http://blogdodesenhador.blogspot.com/ Fine arts and digital
>> Artist. lot of experience with tablets, programs and techniques. the Word
>> "Dicas" means tutorial.
>> Voxmortem http://voxmortem.deviantart.com/ he is from poland and has some
>> really interesting pieces of art.
>> LJFhutch http://www.ljfhutch.com/ Specialized in game content creation.
>> 2011/8/23 Tobias Ehni<tobias.e...@googlemail.com>
>>> Hi,
>>> thanks a lot for your offer and for providing samples of your work, too.
>>> I'm impressed that you did logos for blender and Battle for Wesnoth.
>>> I'm sorry that I can't tell you anything about creating the next logo,
>>> however there is also another way to contribute to the GIMP community.
>>> I'm planning to conduct interviews with graphic / interface / web
>>> designers and photographers.
>>> The idea is to better understand how users actually work in the field,
>>> i.e. what they do and how they do it.
>>> The insights from the interviews will be used to improve ease of use /
>>> usability of GIMP.
>>> Interviews are planned to take place in October, with an interview
>>> taking about one hour, via VoIP.
>>> I'd be very happy if you decided to help both GIMP team and users by
>>> being interviewed about your work.
>>> Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.
>>> Kind regards,
>>> Tobi
>>> 2011/8/22 c55 inator<c55ina...@gmail.com>:
>>>> Hello. I'm a graphic designer with experience in creating Application
>>>> icons
>>>> [Like this, this, or this] and I was wondering if I could be of service
>>>> in
>>>> helping create GIMP's next application icon. I use GIMP on a daily basis
>>>> in
>>>> my work and I'd love to contribute something back to the community.  Any
>>>> information regarding ways I could help would be greatly appreciated :)
>>>> My work, if you're curious: http://dribbble.com/ollin
>>>> _______________________________________________

Oh if there is a competent artist offering to provide a decent looking 
logo/icon for Gimp , please don't refuse the offer.

The current "wilber" annoys me every time I see it.

I installed Gimp for my mother (a working artist) and she demanded that 
I change the icon on her desktop.

Sorry if this was the handy work of someone's girlfriend, mother or 
beloved eight-year-old daughter but it is high time the project had a 
more credible image.

If someone's offering, please ask for some sample designs.


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