Hi All,

I read the code of GIMP v2.6.11 and I want to find the code of
*declared in* *libgimp\gimpimage.h.

gimp_image_get_colormap calls _gimp_image_get_colormap
in libgimp\gimpimage_pdb.c
_gimp_image_get_colormap calls gimp_run_procedure
("gimp-image-get-colormap"... in libgimp\gimp.c
gimp_run_procedure calls gimp_run_procedure2 in libgimp\gimp.c
gimp_run_procedure2 calls gp_proc_run_write in libgimpbase\gimpprotocol.c
gimp_wire_write_msg calls (* handler->write_func) (channel, msg, user_data)
in libgimpbase\gimpwire.c

Then I lost the track of gimp_image_get_colormap.

Could you please tell me which code in which file "real" implement the *
gimp_image_get_colormap* function?

I'm a beginner in C language. Thank you very much.

Jason Zhou
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