Dear list,

there have been some updates on the usability wiki as work is progressing.

Method description has moved a bit:
Please let me know if there is something to clarify or to discuss in
more detail here.

Next, I've posted some ideas of where to recruit further interview
partners under "recruitment channels".
Feel free to add your own ideas there.
Luckily, there have been recommendations for interview partners on
this list as well (thanks Ramón).

There's a new section "interview partners"
My idea of how to handle the recruitment process with this section is
as follows:
The section is divided into "confirmed" and "pool", so that interested
people can be put under "pool", most helpfully including a link to a
website / portfolio of them. If both of the GIMP-Team and they
themselves confirm an interview, they will get promoted into the
"confirmed" section. During this process, they can select a time/date
for their interview via which can also be added to
their name in the confirmed section.
As a next step, I will ask the people who have been recommended
earlier on this list if they would like to participate.
Does that make sense to you?

Further, I've provided information about the interviews here:
Main audience for this is of course the interview partners.
Please take a quick look and tell me if I missed something.

Reinforcements are under way / being requested (in the form of a
volunteer / intern for the project)

I'm also thinking about an IRC meeting on usability in order to:
- clarify details about the method
- gather ideas for recruiting
- add interview partners to the pool
- talk about next steps
What do you think?

Kind regards,

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