On Tue, Sep 6, 2011 at 9:32 PM, Noel Stoutenburg wrote:
> Friends,
> I see there was a thread on this topic in May 2008. I'm frustrated by
> the inability to do some basic transformations of images on my Android
> smart phone, for example: rotating by just a degree or two, instead of a
> full 90 degrees; inability to change from RGB to grayscale; and
> inability to change the format of stored images (and probably others
> that I've not yet thought of).
> So, is there any progress on the idea of a GIMP ultra-ultra light for
> smart phones?

In my not so humble opinion there is little to no point making a
lighter version of GIMP for mobile devices. Simply put, desktop and
mobile platforms rely on too different types of interaction with
users. You can't strip stuff from GIMP and make a cool image editor
for mobile. The further you go, the more you understand that you need
tools that work differently and UI that is completely different. And
that kinda kills the whole idea of "lighter GIMP".

Alexandre Prokoudine
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