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> Velocity - I may consider 10 pix/sec slow (0) and 100 pix/sec fast (1)
> while someone else may consider 50 pix/sec slow and 500 pix/sec fast.
This is slightly compilcated as velocity is purely a derivative value
but velocity range may become configurable in the future.

> Pressure - While a tablet may support many levels of pressure, a user
> may not be accustomed to pressing a certain force to get a desired
> result, and may wish that pressure level 300 (instead of 511) be treated
> as the maximum pressure (1).  Similarly a user may not be good at being
> very light on the tablet and may prefer a pressure level of 30 to be
> treated as the minimum pressure (0).
> Tilt - A user may prefer a certain tilt range to map from.  One user may
> prefer only slight tilts to get the full range (0-1) while another user
> may be fine with larger tilts.
All physical axis of the tablet have curves that you can configure in
the settings in 2.7(dev version of 2.8)

> Inputs that mapping does not make sense:
> Direction (0-1 = 0-360 deg)
> Random
Doesn't make sense how? Look at GPS. Random is made rather good use of
in some presets and direction has its uses as well.

> Input mapping should probably be configured in user preferences.
That does not make sense. Outputs are provided by the pain tool...

> Similarly it may be useful for each target's outputs.  For instance
> specifying the 0/1 size of a brush as a percentage of the brush size or
> opacity as a percentage of the current brush opacity.
I dont understand this... Have you looked at what you can do with 2.7
dynamics curves? dynamics always affect the output as a ratio.

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