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>> Subject: Re: [Gimp-developer] More Brush dynamics?
>> I've played with 2.7.3 on Windows a little bit.  Here are some other
>> ideas for new dynamic outputs:  Hue, Saturation, and Value/Luminance
>> Brian Allen Vanderburg II
> Those can already be simulated using the Color dynamic and careful RGB 
> values, although
> as mentioned in bug #572300 the current "Color" dynamic (i.e. low pressure = 
> FG, high pressure = BG)
> is a bit counter-intuitive in 2.6.

If I want something more complicated, say I want to use the color output
and fade input to paint a gradient stroke, but also want the pressure to
adjust the saturation, so lighter pressure would make the stroke more
gray and harder pressure would make the stroke more color.  How would I
do this with the current dynamic?

Brian Allen Vanderburg II

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