I was using the Perspective tool (GIMP 2.6) on some photos to correct for some 
minor rotation/skew issues, and realized how easy it is to throw the image's 
aspect ratio out of proportion -- in my case, TOO easy.  My photos were of some 
quilt squares, and I was using the edges of these squares as guides for 
aligning a Corrective transform to correct for some minor (but visible) 
skewing.  Naturally, this means I'm aligning my Corrective guide to an area in 
different proportion to the source image, so it throws the aspect ratio out of 
whack, and I must have the squares in the photo remain square after 

Is it possible for the tool to compensate for X/Y aspect ratio distortion 
somehow?  Or is that too much to ask?

On a semi-related note, how does the Perspective transform matrix work?  I get 
that the first two rows represent an affine transformation, with (1,3) and 
(2,3) corresponding to X and Y translation, (1,1) and (2,2) corresponding to X 
and Y scaling.  What's the third row represent?

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