It would be nice if there were a configuration option for a minimal
install that left out (and didn't bother to compile) most of the
plugins.  Given enough disk space, sure, I'll install whirlpinch, but
55MB is more than I can afford on my school account.

After removing occasionally useful but mostly frivolous scripts,
patterns, and filters, and stripping the binary, the installed
footprint dropped from 55MB to 7.5MB.  Yay!  I might be able to keep
that installed for a while.  It'd be swell if there were an option to
build and install this way without lots of manual tweaking.

Of course the hard part is deciding what should go in it.  I could see
the politics for that getting ugly if people wanted their stuff to be
considered essential.  Personally, I deleted every plugin except jpeg,
pnm, png, xpm, blur, and despeckle.  As a side bonus, it starts up
*much* faster.  :)

Thanks for making it so easy to remove features!

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