on our way from 1.0 to 1.2 we included a few plug-ins that were 
considered not to be stable enough to be included with a stable 
release. This was done in the hope that the inclusion into the 
1.1 developement tree would encourage people to work on those
plug-ins so that they would become stable enough to be released
with 1.2. 

IMO the time has come to doublecheck what plug-ins do fulfill 
our needs. We have a lot of unmaintained plug-ins in the 
distribution. Most of them are however quite small, so fixing
a bug or doing small changes (like adding gettext support for
example) is not too difficult. However there are a few quite
large plug-ins (partially written with obscure coding schemes) 
in our distribution. Some of them are actively developed and 
maintained by their authors. But unfortunately we have some 
obviously abandoned projects in our tree.

My proposal (and I don't think that anyone can really object
against it, since it is the only reasonable way to go) is that 
we search maintainers for those plug-ins and if we don't find 
someone feeling responsible we move the plug-in out of the 
stable tree as soon as a bug is found.

I'm not yet sure how this should be organized. I will try to
build a complete list of all plug-ins with some information 
like number of files, codesize, original author, current 
maintainer and post it here later. Hopefully some people will
volunteer to take responsibilities for the abandoned projects.

I propose that this list gets included with the distribution
so that people know who to contact. 

Salut, Sven

PS: Before I come back with the proposed list, here are some 
of the plug-ins that I know are broken but too big to fix 

GFig (should at least be cleaned up, the code is one 320k file)
libgck (we should get rid of this one or at least rename it)
Lighting (has some bugs/disabled features in the preview code)

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