I now have all the plugins, including the perl plugins, and the modules,
correctly loading and (apparently) working. Thanks to all who gave me

I put 2 binary packages on the AIX freeware and shareware archive, on, one for the basic gimp and the compiled plugins, one
for the perl module and plugins.

I included in the packages the scripts I used to link the libraries and
the perl shared-objects, but don't ask me why it suddenly started working.
I've being going round and round with the AIX linker, I can't think
straight any more. But the scripts should allow the feat to be re-produced
(with the next versions).

Is it normal that after reading the plugins, it displays
"extension_script_fu" for 3 or 4 seconds? I've become suspicious when it
does things slowly. Still, I can see "script-fu" all over the place in the
menus, it does seem to be working.

Thanks again,

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