On Mon, Jan 10, 2000 at 10:29:29AM +0100, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Oops, I thought (but should have checked) that image_set_resolution_invoker 
> was calling the gimp_image_set_resolution() in app/gimpimage.c. And probably
> it should since the core function keeps the undo_stack in sync by calling
> undo_push_resolution (gimage). On the other hand if called from the PDB, we
> probably don't want to gdisplays_shrink_wrap (gimage)...

Um, yes, that's pretty much the sequence of thoughts that went through
my mind. However, doing a good job of removing such redundancy will
take a lot of time, and provide no noticeable improvements (save the
possibility of stumbling on a bug fix) for our poor users.


It's the start of a new year, and my mind turns to Spring cleaning already

How about some comments for feature triage? There are some features in
Gimp 1.1.x which are buggy or unusable, yet stay the same for weeks
at a time. Without paid staff to do this work, we must throw away [*]
stuff that's not going to make it. On my short list...

* Resizable toolbar
* Natural airbrush
* Error Console (well, here it is, but where are my errors?)
* Display Filters
* Paths

More? Comments from people who started these features? This is your
excuse to tell us the long tale of how the perfect 100% bug free
version of Fill-in-your-feature was tragically lost to a Volcano
during your desperate struggle to save an innocent baby...


[*] Well, put it to one side until 1.3.x, but even then, if no-one
will write code for it, how will the feature get finished?

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