Hi Folks, 

I would like to kindly suggest that we at least give a configure
option to avoid the stacktrace stuff that happens when gimp crashes.

I'm currently developping a distributed perlfu server and it would
make life much much easier if gimp would simply crash without hanging
still around only due to a segfault handler.

I also remember having big problems with a segfaultet gimp started
from the gnome panel (or any other non-shell commandline means) and
gimp crashing while still having grabed the mouse.

I know that the stack trace thing is useful, I only want to have an
option to avoid it WITHOUT the need to always fiddle the source code.

If I knew a bit more about configure (I know next to nothing) I would
do it myself IF we could reach consensus that it woudl be a Good Thing(TM). 


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