I have a couple of image format plug-ins available for the GIMP one is
included with the GIMP (pix) and one of them (formerly tdi, now MayaIFF)
has been in the unstable tree since before 1.0 was released.  The latest
version, as always, is in the plug-in registry.

It's not likely that many people on this list will be very interested in
files of the MayaIFF variety.  You would either have to be using Maya
(http://www.aliaswavefront.com/entertainment/index.html) or Shake
(http://www.nothingreal.com/).  And would probably put you in the film
or video game industry.

>From the number of e-mails I get, there are a lot of people using GIMP
with Maya, primarily on SGI's.  I distribute a binary of my plug-in for
IRIX via my web page.  But, unfortunate differences in which cut of GIMP
and IRIX they have make it difficult to make my plug-in work on all
SGI's.  Most Maya/SGI users don't have a compiler installed either, so
when it doesn't work, they are out of luck.

It would be much less frustrating for users and less time consuming for
me if I could get my plug-in into the main tree.

It looks like I've missed the deadline for another version of GIMP.  I
read that people are concerned about the number of plug-ins currently
shipping with the GIMP.  I have previously tried to elicit an opinion
about whether that concern applies to format plug-ins, but I didn't get
any responses.  If it is a concern, then I'd say that the MayaIFF
plug-in is more useful than the Pix plug-in that I submitted in time for

Also, I'm behind a firewall and I haven't managed to get CVS working
through it.  I'm not sure what would be involved in getting it moved

So, I would be ever so grateful if someone could comment on:
1. would it be appropriate to add yet another format plug-in to the main
2. when should I add it
3. what's involved in moving it (it's a single file plug-in)

I've been maintaining the plug-in for over two years now and I will
continue to do so.  Nobody has ever logged a bug against it that wasn't
related to getting it working on their particular cut of IRIX or GIMP.

Any help or discussion would be greatly appriciated!


Mike Taylor ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) Alias|Wavefront, Toronto

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