as pointed out before, we have an inconsistency between the core and the
plugins when it comes to the point if PDB blurb and PDB help should be
translated or not. 

The situation right know is:

In the core the short description and the longer help strings for the PDB
functions are not marked for translation. This decision was made since the
PDB help strings are considered to be targeted mainly at developers and
script-writers. It would be a lot of work to translate them and even more
work to get the translations correct and to keep them uptodate. So it was
considered not to be worth the effort.

In the plugins domain however we did not spend too much attention and have
marked those strings for translation. Well, a lot of plug-ins don't give
useful help strings, so the amount of work for the translators is not as
large as it would be for the core.

All those strings only ever appear in the GUI when using the DB-Browser. 
So, the question is, does it make sense to translate them and is it worth 
the effort? Removing the strings from the pot-file would reduce the number 
of messages in the gimp-std-plug-ins domain considerably. They might be 
useful on the other hand, but the same applies for the core PDB strings.

I have no idea how to handle this. Just a few suggestions:

(A) do nothing, ignore the problem
(B) don't mark the strings for translation, not in the core, neither in 
    the plug-ins
(C) mark the core PDB strings for possible translation too

Any ideas, comments anyone?

Salut, Sven

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