>  Having no real documentation of the sourcecode is really a burden
>  when searching for bugs. Do you agree that having a documentation
>  would be fine? I'd like to introduce a in-source-documentation 
>  which an extractor program could use to make a TeX or HTML file of
>  it.

We have already brought up this issue lately and I think the conclusion
was that we try to add documentation for libgimp before 1.2. Most 
certainly we will use gtk-doc with comments embedded into the source. 
Marc volunteered to write the necessary scripts to convert the info
out of the PDB. 

This would make the visible (to the outside) parts of The GIMP 
documented and will make life much easier for plug-in developers.

We should give Yosh some time to do the 1.1.16 release before we start
to mess with the build, but I'll try to have a look into adding the 
necessary framework then.

Salut, Sven

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