the new i18n implementation supports localisation of 
plugins outside the gimp distribution. I'm pretty sure
that it works. I have however not yet tested if it 
really does what we expect and if it solves the problems
it targets. Is there anyone out there maintaining a 
seperate plugin who is interested in internationalising 
it? It would be very nice to get some feedback if the 
current solution works under realistic circumstances. 

One thing definitely needs to be done before the new
framework is really usable: gimptool should provide the
LOCALEDIR definition (together with the cflags?) so 
plug-ins that want to put their compiled message 
catalogs at the same place where the default gimp catalogs 
are located, can easily bind their textdomain using: 

  bindtextdomain ("gimp-plugin-foobar", LOCALEDIR);

and notify the gimp about its textdomain by calling:

  gimp_plugin_domain_add ("gimp-plugin-foobar");

Would be nice if someone else could take care of changing 
gimptool and doing a little testing... 

If you need more explanations how the new system is 
supposed to work, let me know. Anyway I'll try to add a 
few lines to README.i18n in the next days.

Salut, Sven

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