Hi all.

I see, that Gimp can be crashed very easily when trying to use multiple
tools at the same image/layer. Michael adressed this: from the changelog:

2000-03-25  Michael Natterer  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

        * app/cursorutil.[ch]: new global variable "gimp_busy" which gets
        set/unset whenever busy cursors are added/removed.
        Here starts the ugly workaround which simulates something like
        locking. If it works, it will close lots of bugs, if not, it's
        easy to remove again.

        So far, I didn't find strange side effects but Gimp is told to be
        a complex program :-) Please test this.

Well - unfortunately this disables "user multitasking" with working
on multiple images. Admittedly I dont do this too often, but sometimes
it is nice to paint something while waiting for a big image to
rotate. (just tested - multiple plugins do work! :-)

Is there any chance to do this on an "per image" base without
hazzeling too much? Or - if this is too hard to implement - do you think
that this limitation is better than crashes which could be avoided
if the user knows that parallel operations on an image will fail
and result in data loss?

I do not know, what is the better way, but I think global locking is a big

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