pixel fairy wrote:

> 2000-05-12  Sven Neumann  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>         * gimpdrawable.c: enabled the (commented out)
> signal
>         "invalidate_preview".
> does this mean theres a way for a plug-in to know if
> a certain drawable or image or whatever has changed?

No, Sven is referring to a GTK signal that GimpDrawables
emit. Typical listeners may include Layer, Channels, and Path
widgets that need to update previews of the layers
they represent. This is internal to Gimp core logic and is
not related to UNIX interprocess communication.

Havoc Pennington's "GTK/Gnome Application Development
(1999 New Riders) discusses the signalling mechanism that
GTK objects (like GimpDrawable) uses.

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