Kevin Turner wrote:
> What is the status of the help system these days?
> Is there a help browser procedure which calls on extension_web_browser
> if the gtkxhtml browser is not available?

Yes, Netscape is called it no help browser is found.

> How does the help system work for 3rd party plug-ins and scripts?

This is on my todo. Will be a simple function gimp_help_register() which
will take a directory name. The help files mentioned in gimp_dialog_new()
etc. will be relative to this directory.

There will also be a standard way for plug-ins which don't want to register
their own help path. The canonical path for these plugins will be

Feel free to suggest a better word than "contrib", it was just the first
which came to my mind.

> Can images be included in the help?  If so, what are the naming
> conventions?

As 3rd party plug-ins will have their own directory anyway, it's up to the
plug-in's maintainer. A good choice maybe to prefix all help files
for a plug-in with the plug-in's name and a underscore.


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