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> Then i installed all, included gimp 1.1.22 again. Now it`s fine.

You have to _remove_ the old scripts, regardless of what you reinstall,
you always have to nuke your old ~/.gimp-1.1 and /usr/local/lib/gimp/1.1
and /usr/local/share/gimp directories.

> Not very userfriendly, but works.

the bleeding edge is rarely userfriendly ;)

> One thing is left:
> I can`t start Perl controlcenter. Nothing happens at all. No error no
> info.
> What could be wrong?

If you do not have Gtk installed then the controlcenter _tries_ to open a
window using xterm. That is hacky and might fail. Did you get any output
(on the terminal)? And do you have Gtk+ installed? And if yes, are there
other plug-ins that can open a window?

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