Its been reported (and it happens to me all too often) that quick keys
(when you hold control to get a new behavior for a tool) get stuck in
the modified position.  This was recently closed as "Can't figure out
a good way to fix it" for 1.2.  (#6415)

Since there's no obvious way to keep this from happening right now, I'd
propose that we have different context cursors for every tool that uses
the control modifier so the user can at least tell the current state.
The flip tool, for instance, isn't so bad when you can at least tell
what you're about to do.

The offenders are:

Bucket Fill 

The bezier line tool also has a different behavior when control is
pressed, but it doesn't get stuck so I'm not putting it on this list.
Any ideas for what symbology should be used?

Seth Burgess

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