Has anybody thought about implementing a hierarchy or tree structure for
the layer dialog box?  I'm thinking of this because often times I'll Add /
Multiply / whatever one layer with another (or several), but I *don't* want
it to affect other (lower/background) layers.  So, I always have to do a
Layer Merge and then move on.  It would be nice to be able to have "Create
Layer Sub-Tree on Visible Layers", to limit the effect of a Channel Op. to
only certain layers, thus allowing one to pseudo-merge layers together and
later modify layers within the sub-tree.  Might be nice for image
organizational purposes.
 Maybe something to have on the TODO for 3.0?  Has this been discussed (and
possible thrown out) before?

I vision something like this in the Layer Dialog:

+ Text Sub-Tree Layer
  + Text texture Multiply (only affects next sub-tree)
    - Text Rounding Add (only affects next layer)
    - Text
  - Text shadow
- Image 2
- Image 1
+ Background Sub-Tree Layer
  - Plama cloud / Multipl (only affects next layer - not really needed)
  - BG color

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