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> However, the conversion from CMYK to RGB is unique and is described by
> the following formulas:

While the formulas are indeed what Uwe wants, the CMYK to RGB
transformation still is not unique, simply because neither "RGB" nor
"CMYK" are absolute colourspaces. The RGB modul gimp uses has no relation
to any physical colour model, which means that the RGB space of my
machine(+monitor) is different to most other machines(+monitors). Now, if we
knew the parameters of the RGB space in use of an image, and the parameters
of the CMYK space in use on the printer, then the conversion would only
depend on the policy, everything else is just as much as we have now (i.e. a
plug-in that simply seperates RGB into CMYK).

To really get profressional, the whole picture gets even more complex: there
is the colourmodel of the image that has to be viewed in another colourmodel
(gfxcard/monitor) and printed in a third.

While, for web work, none of these are usually known, we can expect that
professionals do have access to all parameters of all their hardware.

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