I am doing a small script to put data inside image (steganography) using
Python and PIL (I hope to port it to PyGIMP as soon as I have time, for
example after exams).

I would need to know what channels are the ones that eye has problems with,
in what order should I use the channels (RGB) so if I am forced to use more
than one, or all, which one should I use more and which one less.

I think that red is the best channel to use, cos humans do not differentiate
red as the rest of colors, true? And from the other two, which one is worse?

Private answers preffered. If someone wants the results, ask. Any pointer to
steganography docs are welcome too (I know there is a Gimp plugin for 1.0,
but this is for an Univ work, so I have to implement it, not copy).

Thanks and sorry for the off topic.


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