On Sat, May 27, 2000 at 02:31:51PM +0900, FUJITA Yuji wrote:
> Hi, dear developers.
> I found follwing trouble on CVS snapshot of 2000/05/25.
> problem is as follows.
> drawable: with alpha and some region selected.
> tools: smudge or dodge/burn.
> Apply above tools using any types of brush
> (image pipe, normal brush, editable brush, any type.)
> of diameter larger than 32 pixels to a layer with alpha channel, when
> some area is selected. The core application crashes immediately.
> below is a gdb backtrace in case smudge tool with 33 pixels editable
> brush.

This is fixed in cvs now. It was a bug with blur/sharpen,
smudge, dodge/burn all which use gimp_image_replace_image.

The rowstrides for a brush with width > 64 was being
calculated wrong when there was a mask. 

I bet this bug was actually there since the beginning
of time.


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