I've just compiled and installed gimp 1.1.22 under Irix,
but have done so in a non-standard (ie. not /usr/local)
location so as not to interfere with other users on the

My problem is that the executable seems to expect
user_install to be in /usr/local. I get this message
when it starts trying to create my personal directories

/usr/local/share/gimp/1.1/user_install does not exist. ...

My configure line set the prefix like this:

./configure --enable-perl=/product/perl/bin/perl --disable-nls --prefix=/product/gimp

I've tried setting the GIMP_HOME environment variable to
/product/gimp, and added /product/gimp/lib to my LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

Any ideas? Any help appreciated.


Also, configure ignores the perl executable argument specified
in the --enable-perl option (see configure line above, for example),
and always looks for "perl5" in the default path. I don't know
if this is Irix-specific behaviour, but even if it were, it would
be strange because Irix has had a "perl" as well as a "perl5" for
some time now.

I think the preferred behaviour would be to accept the argument
received, if any, and then look for "perl".

Warren Hedley
Department of Engineering Science
Auckland University
New Zealand

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