On Mon, May 29, 2000 at 09:03:11AM -0400, Tom Rathborne wrote:
> Raphael:
> On Mon, May 29, 2000 at 02:28:33PM +0200, Raphael Quinet wrote:
> > Well, it looks like I will not be able to attend the GIMP Developers
> > Conference at the end of this week (too bad - I really wanted to be
> > there), so here is an idea that could be discussed: there could be
> > an option to rotate a brush automatically according to the local
> > tangent of the path that the brush is following.  To make it even
> > nicer, the user should be able to specify what is "local": how many
> > pixels should be taken into account for calculating the angle.
> If I recall correctly, DeluxePaint IV on the Amiga (or DeluxePaint
> Animation on the PC) and an animbrush auto-gen facility which let you
> turn your static brush into an animated brush by rotating it and
> storing all the frames. Maybe I did that by hand - I don't remember
> now. Anyways, this would end up being a _lot_ of data to have in your
> image hose so I agree that rotating the brush automagically to match
> the local tangent is a good idea.
        I think this is something I would like to see as well. The simplest
approach would be increase the "angular" resolution of Pipes, and then just
generate a pipe by rotating the brush shape. The primary reason I would
like to see this, is to make it possible to create a "gimpressionist" style
painting tool. The plugin currenty works by taking a single brush shape,
rotating it X number of times, and then painting to the image with whatever
rotated brush fits closest to any edges it finds in the image. No reason
we cant do that with a painting tool ;->

        I think the ideal solution is pretty much a 2.0 thing, and that
is generalizing all the paint tools and storing "patches" that represent
various tools. Tools like DeepPaint seem to get a lot of distance out
of this, and we could do it as well.

> What other transformations could be added? How about: blur, colour
> rotation, scaling...
> Oooh, here's an interesting question: what happens when you're using
> the smear tool with a brush which gets smaller the faster you go?  Is
> the smeared data shrunk along with the brush? That could look really
> really cool.
        Or the opacity changes as you paint, or the brush rotates with
pen pressure, or the spinning brush gets its color from a gradient based
on pen tilt, or ... ;-> Generilizing all this stuff will offer a ton
of flexibily, and storing "patches" of it will make users happy.
> Of course all these transformations should be available on-the-fly,
> and it would be nice to be able to load an image hose and then just
> "add" another dimension to it - a dynamic version of the image hose
> save dialog.

        To some small degree, we can already do this, at least with
respect to tablet pressure. You can load an Image pipe which changes
based on brush direction and speed, and then alter its opacity or size
based on tablet pressure. Granted, not as flexible as we'd like, but
its kind of cool anyway, and demonstrates its doable.


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