>>   Hi, developers.
>>   On CVS snapshot of 2000/05/31.
>>         color balance
>>         hue-saturation
>>         brightness-contrast
>>         threshold
>>         levels
>>         curves
>>         posterize
>>   Cannot undo them if they are the first and only item in the undo stack
>>   e.g. they are taken as the first painting action after opening an image.
>>   If another painting action (including listed ones) is
>>   taken afterwords, they can be undone after undoing that later action.
>>   I couldn't check if this thing still remains in current CVS head
>>   branch. sorry.

Yes, I've seen this bug, too.  Although it is impossible to undo these
operations with C-z, it is possible to undo them by opening the Undo
History dialog and explicitly clicking on the preceding strip in the
list.  After having done this, C-r and C-z work as expected.

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