On Sat, Jun 03, 2000 at 03:34:55PM +0100, Aaron wrote:
> I get that message (in the subject line) when i open a large jeg file, then try to 
>resize it. Please help. I'm scared. 

        It indicates pretty much what it says. For whatever reason the file that
gimp is trying to open as a swap file cant be open. The file is typically
in ~/.gimp. A couple of things can cause this problem, permision problems,
 quotas, out of disk space, system running out of file descriptors, etc.

        The "BAD THINGS" pretty much means gimp is going to run out of
room to write image data, its probabaly going to crash, and depending on the
version, will litter your screen with a few hundred error dialogs. More than
likely you will lose your work as well.


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