I already tried to answer this from Berlin, but apparently CCC's SMTP
server didn't like me.

Apologies to gimp-developers who couldn't care less for the Windows
version ;-)

Hans Breuer writes:
 > Attached a patch to compile Gimp on Win32 with M$VC again.
 > Could anyone with CVS access apply it, please?

Yes, I will, to the extent it doesn't interfer with other stuff.

 > * */makefile.msc: 
 >   - get the definition of GLIB, GTK etc. out of a single file
 >     instead of copy and pasting between all makefiles. This is
 >     particular usefull while the CVS version on Win32 is quite
 >     broken.

This is in the progress of being taken care of on the gcc side by
using the CVS module "build" which has a makefile snippet in
"build/win32/make.mingw" to be included in other makefiles when
building for mingw with gcc. Your file belongs there.

Actually, I wouldn't mind if somebody else (you) would take over the
maintenance of the MSVC build stuff completely. It is hard enough to
keep the gcc/mingw makefiles up-to-date... (Well, not hard, but
tedious. Yes, I know I really should look closer into getting the
latest-and-greatest auto*, configure and libtool stuff working also
for gcc builds on Win32. It is not necessarily that hard. After my

As for the CVS version of GTk+, it is indeed currently very much
broken on Win32. (Especially after the recent merge of the Pango
stuff. I won't be able to make publicly available any work I'll do on
it until July, as I am leaving for vacation without net access
tomorrow. I will take my laptop and hack on stuff...) For a working
GTk+ on Windows, use the CVS sources as they were before the merge of
the no-flicker branch. (Probably easiest to download the gtk+-src
zipfile from the web page.)

 > * plug-ins/makefile.msc:
 >    Change all Plug-Ins to console build - no known drawbacks, 
 >    main benefit: reusage of Gimp's console. 

Hmm, but isn't gimp.exe's console window destroyed as soon as it has
started? I don't remember the reason why gimp.exe was changed to be a
console application in the first place. In fact, I have been
considering changing it back to a windowing application to get rid of
the annoying flashing console window at start.


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